This Xbox Series S deal drops Microsoft's next-gen console to its lowest ever price

Xbox Series S deal
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We've spotted a fantastic Xbox Series S deal at John Lewis that won't want to miss, which drops Microsoft's next-gen console to its lowest ever price.

You can currently grab an Xbox Series S that comes bundled with Rocket League and Fortnite for just £234, which knocks £15 off the usual asking price. (Not in the UK? Scroll down for the best prices in your region.)

You'll need to be a My John Lewis member, which is free to sign up for and enter the code MYJL15 at checkout to receive the discount.

Even though both Rocket League and Fortnite are free-to-play games, this bundle includes the Fortnite Midnight Drive Pack and Rocket League Midnight Drive Pack.

Fortnite players will receive the Dark Skully outfit, Dark Skully Satchel Back Bling, the Dark Splitter pickaxe, and an extra 1,000 V-Bucks that can be spent on in-game items. Rocket League players get the Purple Masmune Car, Purple Virtual Wave Boost, Purple Zefram Wheels, and 1,000 Rocket League Credits to buy in-game items.

Today's best Xbox Series S deal

Xbox Series S with Fortnite and Rocket League: £249 £234 at John Lewis
Save £15 – MYJL15

Xbox Series S with Fortnite and Rocket League: £249 £234 at John Lewis
Save £15 –
This is the lowest ever price we've seen on Microsoft's svelte next-gen console, and you also get some great freebies for Rocket League and Fortnite as part of this bundle. Remember you need to be a My John Lewis Member and use the code MYJL15 at checkout.

Even though the Xbox Series S isn't quite as powerful as the Xbox Series X, it's still a more than capable next-gen console. Numerous games can be played at 120fps, and you can take advantage of features like Quick Resume, Auto HDR, and Dolby Vision for Gaming if you have a compatible display.

Microsoft's more affordable console also doesn't include a disc drive, so if you're not a fan of buying games digitally or have a large library of physical Xbox One games, bear that in mind.

With the money you save from this deal, you can pick up a month's subscription to Xbox Game Pass for £7.99, which includes hundreds of games to download and play.

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