This new Xbox Series X controller is a seriously cool throwback

Xbox Arctic Camo Controller
(Image credit: Microsoft)

A new Xbox Series X controller colorway has been quietly put up for sale from Microsoft, and it's keeping things frosty. 

The new Arctic Camo Special Edition controller for Xbox Series X has been spotted on the official Microsoft store, and retails for $69.99 in the US. Though no UK or Australian pricing or reveal has happened yet, the prospect looks likely in future. 

This new design is a reimagining of the Xbox One Arctic Camo controller which debuted in 2020 ahead of the launch of the Xbox Series X and features an updated design. As well as the black, grey, and white color scheme, this new version features dark grey sticks as well as menu, share, and options buttons. One neat touch is how the A, X, B, and Y symbols are dark grey with translucent buttons for a cool glacier feel. 

If you're interested in a new look for one of the best Xbox controllers, then this model is sure to satisfy, whether you're playing on either generation of Microsoft's console hardware or PC. There's been no shortage of excellent revisions to the Xbox Wireless Controller, and it's good to see that more colors and styles keep being pushed forward at a time when the competition can't really keep up. 

Recently, there was the Xbox Earth Day controller which was made partially from recycled CDs and headlights which came bundled in with the play-and-charge kit. While Redfall disappointed almost everyone, arguably the best thing to come out of the whole situation was the Limited Edition Redfall controllers via the Xbox Design Lab, with a total of five versions based on the four playable characters and vampiric nasties respectively.

I hope the support for new and exciting Xbox controllers doesn't stop anytime soon. It goes a long way to giving each setup a more unique feel than simply relying on the standard black model of the Xbox Series X and white of the Xbox Series S

Aleksha McLoughlin
Hardware Editor

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