This stunning 49-inch business monitor has 3 features all displays should have

(Image credit: Philips)

Today, you can get a 50-inch 4K television these days for under $200 that can double as a computer monitor seamlessly. So, to pay more than five times that amount for a smaller display might seem counterproductive.

However, the Philips Brilliance 499P9H is unlike any other monitor on the market and it's on sale at Amazon for just $1,065, with a four-year warranty (roughly £870/AU$1900).

Aimed squarely at a business audience, the Brilliance 499P9H is packed with features, but will require a lot of deskspace. After all, this is a 49-inch display with a screen resolution of 5120x1440 pixels (or dual QHD) and a 32:9 aspect ratio - one that's not only very wide, but highly curved as well.

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There's also more to this monitor than meets the eye; look closely at the top and you'll find a pop up webcam that allows you to sign in via Windows Hello facial recognition. Business users will also appreciate the inclusion of a KVM switch, which allows allows two computers to be connected to the same display.

It also features a built-in USB Type-C docking station that can provide up to 65W of power - enough for devices such as the Dell XPS 13 but probably not for the MacBook Pro 16  - and boasts a staggering 10 ports in total.

Two built-in speakers should provide a fair audio experience and there’s even a microphone for the purposes of video conferencing.

Note, while Amazon ships globally, you may be levied additional tax or shipping fees depending on your location.

Desire Athow
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