This divisive browser just got a nifty new feature that might help settle the debate

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Since releasing the new Chromium-based version of its Edge browser earlier this year, Microsoft has continually updated it with new features including a password generator, a price comparison tool, quiet notification requests and more.

Now though, the software giant is testing out a new feature in the browser's Dev and Canary builds called “Web Capture” that will make it easier for users to capture quick screenshots from web pages and create web notes.

Microsoft began working on Web Capture after receiving feedback from users that missed using its Web Note tool in the legacy version of Microsoft Edge. Instead of just re-adding the tool to its new Chromium-based Edge, the company decided to improve it and in the near future, Microsoft also plans to add the ability to ink or highlight captures, capture full web pages and scroll while marking web pages.

Web Capture

In order to test out Web Capture for yourself, you'll first need to download either the Dev or Canary build of Microsoft Edge. The difference between these two builds is the fact that the Dev Channel is updated weekly while the Canary Channel is updated daily.

Once you've installed the Dev or Canary build of Edge on your PC, you need to navigate to the browser's Settings menu and select “Web Capture”. This will open a selection tool that allows you to capture content in your browser but you can also scroll down to take a full-page screenshot of any webpage. Alternatively, you can also use the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+S) to open Web Capture within Edge Dev or Canary.

After selecting the area you want to capture, a menu will appear with the option to copy or add notes. Clicking on copy will add the image to your clipboard while doing so on add notes will allow you to draw on the capture with your mouse cursor or stylus using a variety of different colors.

Web Capture is currently only available in the Dev and Canary builds of Edge but the feature will likely be released officially once Microsoft Edge Insiders have tested it thoroughly.

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