The Last of Us PS5 remake could release this year

Joel and Ellie from The Last of Us driving in a car
(Image credit: Sony / Naughty Dog)

The PS5 remake of The Last of Us is nearly complete and may launch later this year. 

That’s according to writer and leaker Tom Henderson, who claims to have heard the information from multiple sources. His suggestion that the remake is “nearly finished” has also been backed up by VGC, which says its own sources have matched the information.

There’s no word on exactly when the PS5 remake will be released, other than the latter half of 2022.

Henderson goes on to suggest that a director’s cut edition of the game’s sequel, The Last of Us Part 2, is also in the works. Developer Naughty Dog and publisher Sony haven’t mentioned any director’s cut or re-release of that game before, which makes this the first hint of its existence.

Analysis: plausible snippets

While these are only unofficial leaks, they’re plausible ones. Last year, Bloomberg reported a PS5 remake of The Last of Us was in the works, although gave no mention of a potential release date. While the game had originally been under development at Sony’s Visual Arts Service Group, a subsidiary studio of the publisher, the report detailed how series creator Naughty Dog took over the project following the completion of The Last of Us Part 2.

Earlier this week at CES 2022, Naughty Dog’s co-president Neil Druckmann said the studio had “multiple game projects” underway that he is “dying to share”. This PS5 remake and director’s cut might be what he was referring to, or there could still be more titles on the way.

Although The Last of Us has been remastered once before, bringing it from the PS3 to PS4, another remake isn’t implausible. With the game considered something of a classic of recent generations, and The Last of Us TV show expected to arrive sometime this year, Naughty Dog and Sony might do well to squeeze all of The Last of Us juice they can.

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