The 10-second toothbrush that delivers more smiles per hour

(Image credit: Y-Brush)

Some ideas are so great, you wonder why nobody thought of them before. Take the Y-Brush, the ten-second toothbrush. It's based on a simple but brilliant idea: instead of cleaning each of your teeth individually, what if you could clean all of your teeth at once?

The Y-Brush works much like any other quality electric toothbrush, but it's much, much faster. That's because it's shaped to clean all of your teeth simultaneously. 

Simply apply it to the top teeth for five seconds, and then do the same for the bottom teeth. It's that simple and that quick.

Why a Y means better brushing

The Y-Brush gets its name from its innovative Y-shaped head, which is available in two sizes: one for adults and one for children aged four and up. You can easily swap the brush head so the whole family can use the same handle.

Both versions of the brush head have been designed in association with dentists to ensure they deliver superb cleaning performance, and took four years to develop. In addition to their tens of thousands of angled brushes, they use sonic vibrations to remove food and plaque and leave your teeth sparkling clean.

It's important to know that the brushes in the Y-Brush are made from nylon, which delivers the most effective cleaning: unfortunately the Y-Brush has already attracted imitators that use cheaper, less effective silicon to cut corners.

Don't be fooled: silicon isn't strong enough to clean plaque properly, and it doesn't get between the teeth like the Y-Brush's bristles do.


(Image credit: Y-Brush)

More brushes for quicker cleaning

Where an average toothbrush has around 2,500 bristles, the Y-Brush has 35,000 – and those bristles vibrate to leave you with a sparkling smile in a fraction of the time.

That incredible efficiency also means brilliant battery life. The Y-Brush can go for three months between charges, and the brush heads only need replaced every six months instead of the usual two to three months for traditional models.

By cutting your cleaning time to just ten seconds, the Y-Brush saves you a ton of time: we've just got the calculator out and worked out that in a year of twice-daily brushing, it'll save you over 40,000 seconds. That's an entire day!

Multiple modes and a flexible fit

The Y-Brush is extremely flexible and adapts to all jaws and teeth configurations, and it's suitable for sensitive teeth too thanks to its soft mode. Soft mode reduces the intensity of the cleaning, but it still achieves great results in 15 seconds. There's also an intensive mode that can help shift stubborn stains in just 5 seconds.

We mentioned that the Y-Brush uses angled bristles. That's important, because it enables you to benefit from the Bass method of brushing – which is one of the most effective ways you can brush your teeth.

The Bass method cleans under the gums, scrubbing off plaque before it can harden into tartar and cause gum disease, and that's what the 45-degree angled bristles in the Y-Brush are designed to do too.

By helping you keep your gums healthy the Y-Brush can help you keep your whole body healthy too: gum disease has been linked not just to oral health problems but to a whole range of conditions too.

What's the catch?

There's no catch: the Y-Brush really is as clever as it sounds, as tons of delighted customers can testify. But until recently it was almost impossible to get one, because it sold out as fast as the manufacturers could make it.

Thankfully Y-Brush production capacity has been massively increased to cope with the exceptional demand, and since February the Y-Brush has been available with same-day dispatch.