Using Safari will give you 3 hours more Netflix viewing, says Apple

Using Safari will give you 3 hours more Netflix viewing says Apple

One of the nuggets of information given in the big iPad event was that using the Safari browser on an Apple device could give you a whopping three extra hours of Netflix watching.

Craig Federighi revealed the data in the midst of his update on the forthcoming OS X Yosemite as he went through the benefits of the next update to the the Mac operating system.

Apparently, Safari is so much more efficient that it can give you two extra hours of browsing if you are using it on a 13-inch MacBook Air.

And if you are using that device to watch a Netflix movie or TV show it gives you another 60 minutes on top of that.

Obviously this information is coming direct from Apple, so it will be interesting to test it ourselves, but that's certainly a big chunk more movie watching should it be accurate.