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Mark down the iWatch and new Apple TV as WWDC 2014 no-shows

Sorry, it's busy that week

The "what will they show?" game is always fun to play, and with WWDC 2014 fast approaching, it's Apple's turn to spin the wheel.

It's sounding increasingly like Cupertino will use its annual dev conference to focus on software (a shocker, we know), and shun showing off any significant new hardware.

Sources of Code/red (over at Re/code) say not to expect the fabled iWatch or a new Apple TV. Tim Cook and the other button-down-and-jeans-wearing execs apparently won't even discuss the new software they've developed for the refreshed set-top.

Instead, as was reported May 1, Apple will supposedly announce OS X 10.10 along with iOS 8. There's a chance the company will reveal the Healthbook app to get its foot in the health and activity tracking door.

While we wouldn't be surprised if it booked the app for the iWatch's reveal, it would make sense for Apple jump on it ASAP as Samsung is hosting a health-oriented event five days before WWDC.