Sky Now TV box launches: make your TV smart for £10

Make your TV smart for £10: Sky launches Now TV box
Now, TV! Now!

If you're making like it's 2008 with a dumb TV that can't even go on the internet or anything, you might want to think about picking up Sky's new Now TV box for a tenner.

The set-top box costs just £10 and is, Sky tells us, "smaller than a beer mat".

It connects to your TV via HDMI, then puts your Wi-Fi to good use by letting you watch iPlayer, Sky News and Now TV on the big screen.

That means you can watch Sky Sports and Sky Movies on your TV without a Sky subscription or satellite dish - Now TV lets you buy a day's worth of access to Sky Sports for £9.99, or Sky Movies for £15 a month.

Now that's what I call TV

You can also access Facebook, Flickr and Spotify through your TV using the Now TV box. Facebook on your TV is a bit whatever, but if you've got a solid sound system connected to your screen, that Spotify access could come in handy.

Sky also says it'll be adding more "content and apps" to the Now TV box over the coming months, although it hasn't revealed exactly what those will be.

No need to pick up a Now TV box if you already have an Xbox, PlayStation, YouView box or Roku box though; they already give you access to Now TV on your television.

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