Sky launches pay-per-view movie store for all

Sky launches pay-per-view movie store for all
Sky Store service opened out

Sky has opened out its Sky Store movie rentals ahead of the busy Christmas period, firing a shot across the bows of other pay-per-view services.

Significantly, the service arrives not only as a web service and on the Now TV and Roku boxes but also through the YouView service.

Sky points to the move as part of its drive to 'broaden distribution of its content', and the media giant has no shortage of premium movies as it looks to take on the likes of Blinkbox, iTunes, Google Play as well as similar services from BT and Virgin Media.

Sky Store

Sky Store

Now Now

The latest service is in addition to the Now TV movie streaming service, which allows for unlimited streaming of its available movies for a set period.

The pricing is, as you would expect, varied: if you want to watch classics like Top Gun and The Godfather you are looking at between 99p and £1.99 but for newer (and distinctly less classic) movies like The Lone Ranger or The Hangover Part 3 it's fairly hefty £3.49.

We've asked Sky if the titles are in HD and if that alters the pricing.

For Roku or Now TV box owners, there is an app to add to the box and you'll have to register an account online, and if you want to watch one of the 1,200 titles on laptop you'll need to set up an account on the Sky's website.

  • Or it might prove more cost effective to get a Now TV box for a tenner and splash out on a streaming pass for Christmas
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