Interview: Sky TV's Brian Lenz

Lenz believes that the British television industry has been a model for innovation and technological advance – and that 3D has been an example of the UK taking the lead on a global level.

"The vibrancy in [the television] sector has always been there and has been for 15 years," he says. "I think Sky can take a lot of credit for that, in getting into a staid market and proving that if you let business go after things you can make a success.

"That's happened in our segment and everything is so much more vibrant as a result.

"10 years ago, we might have judged success in Britain by being the first European nation to do something that has happened in the US, but now, a decade later, with something like 3D the UK has led the world.

"That's not just Sky, but the entire UK media industry leading the world because of the acceptance, adoption, the notion and the interest.

"That shows the receptiveness and forward thinking nature of the UK - and not just in our segment."

Sky epg - tech platform

Lenz confesses that there are difficulties in trying to be an innovator when you deal with the mass market.

"We are willing to innovate and that does bring pressure," says Lenz. "The longer we go on bringing innovative products to market the more challenging it is, because simplicity is complex in this world.

"We know that we do something we are taking it out to a huge number of people; our smallest group is with our Sky+ HD consumers and they number 3.5 million, so anything we do will touch a lot of people."

Patrick Goss

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