Foxtel's iQ3 to integrate more with Foxtel's apps?

Foxtel iQ3
What else will the little box bring?

The new Foxtel iQ3 set-top box looks to be getting smarter and smarter as a new internal video leak shows that the box will be working more closely with the Foxtel Go app for tablets and smartphones.

The news comes from TVTonight, which reportedly got its hands on the video that also shows screenshots of the new image-heavy UI design.

According to the site, the app and set-top box will be able to sync up video playback positions for on-demand or streamed content (though not necessarily live broadcast) so that users will be able to switch between their TV and tablet or smartphone without losing their spot.

The interaction between the set-top box and Foxtel Go should make a Foxtel subscription more attractive, though the iQ3 will need to prove to be more than just a DVR and EPG to make a case for it above Foxtel Play, now that Play is headed straight to smart TVs.

New look

Looking at the screenshots on TVTonight, the new iQ3 system will be more image-heavy, falling more in line with the Foxtel Go and Foxtel Play apps.

Other updates on the UI side include a face-lift for easier navigation, but most helpful would be the Recommendations and Planner sections to more easily find shows and movies that would be of most interest to you based on your viewing behaviour.

The EPG will also show more information about shows, and will also be able to link to episodes that are available through On Demand.

Foxtel hasn't confirmed any of the above, but with a release scheduled for 2014, we imagine we'll have more information soon.

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