Star Wars and Dragon Age lead this month's Xbox Game Pass titles

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Microsoft has revealed the next slate of games hitting Xbox Game Pass this month, and there are a fair few gems in the line-up.

Sports games Cricket 22 and MLB The Show 22 are available on Xbox Game Pass now, with an eclectic mix soon to join them. Action RPG nuts can dig into one of BioWare’s best releases with Dragon Age 2, Star Wars aficionados and flight sim fans have Star Wars: Squadrons to keep them happy, and Panzer Corps 2 will appeal to any strategy wargamers out there.

Life Is Strange: True Colors is one for emotive adventure fans, while The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk, Lost In Random, and Chinatown Detective Agency are all indie picks. Add to that Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, and you’ve got yourself another four-player co-op option, too.

Here are the exact dates when each game will hit the subscription service:

  • MLB The Show 22 (Cloud and Console) – available now
  • Cricket 22 (Cloud and Console) – available now
  • Chinatown Detective Agency (Cloud, Console, and PC) – April 7
  • Dragon Age 2 (Cloud) – April 7
  • Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare (Cloud) – April 7
  • Star Wars: Squadrons (Cloud) – April 7
  • Life Is Strange: True Colors (Cloud, Console, and PC) – April 12
  • Panzer Corps 2 (PC) – April 12
  • The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk (PC) – April 12
  • Lost In Random (Cloud, Console, and PC) – April 14

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That’s a fairly impressive range and comes off the back of a stellar March that saw F1 2021, Weird West, and Crusader Kings 3 added to the platform.

Microsoft will need to keep the good times rolling now Sony has unveiled its Xbox Game Pass competitor – the revamped PS Plus. Launching this June, PS Plus's new highest subscription tier will hand subscribers over 700 games to download on-demand, including retro titles from the PS1, PS2, and PS3 eras, as well as a cloud streaming service that can be used on your PS5, PS4, or a rusty old PC.

A 12-month subscription to the highest tier of the new PS Plus will be cheaper than an annual subscription to Xbox Game Pass, and Sony will be relying on that affordability to drive players to the platform, alongside the nostalgic temptation of playing the classic PlayStation games of your childhood.

But the new service won’t match Microsoft’s in one key area: day one releases. Sony has made clear that its new, first-party games won’t hit the service on the same day they release. Easy access to the latest triple-A titles from Xbox Studios has partially driven the success of Xbox Game Pass, with subscribers hopping into games like Halo Infinite as soon as they hit shelves.

Get the lowdown on all the differences between the competing subscription services in our rundown of Xbox Game Pass vs. New PS Plus. And understand how the PlayStation’s model is changing in our New PS Plus vs. old Ps Plus breakdown.

Fancy dipping your toe into some of these games? Find the best Xbox Game Pass deals below:

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