Some users are about to pay more for Google Workspace

Google Workspace
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Google Workspace is set to change the way it charges customers for its online collaboration software plans, leaving many facing higher bills, but for most, there is a workaround that could mean they are not subject to the price increases.

The company took to its Workspace blog to announce the revision to its pricing structure that would see flexible, non-contract plans increase in price by 20%.

However, like many other companies offering subscription models, Google has now introduced an annual plan that allows customers to continue with current-day pricing, as long as they’re willing to commit.

Google Workspace price increase

Currently, the trio of Workspace Business plans (Starter, Standard, and Plus) cost $6, $12, and $18 per user per month. If users are willing to commit to a year-long plan, which comes into force from March 14, 2023, they will be able to keep these prices.

To continue with the current flexible terms, billpayers will see a 20% increase resulting in new prices of $7.20, $14.40, and $21.60.

Google Workspace Enterprise Standard will also face an undisclosed price increase, though other Enterprise editions are unaffected.

“To give our existing partners and customers sufficient lead time, the new pricing will roll out starting in April of this year and through 2024, depending on factors that include number of user licenses, current contract terms, and payment plan," noted Steve Holt, VP for Strategy at Google Workspace.

Customers in non-US markets will also see price revisions, which Google says will help “maintain alignment with the exchange rates to the US dollar.” A company spokesperson confirmed the following increases would apply on top of the 20% increase for the above-mentioned flexible plans: GBP (+9%), EUR (+11%), INR (+9%), DKK (+12%), SEK (+13%).

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