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avast! Free Antivirus
Free antivirus software can provide solid protection against Internet dangers.

The online world is a dangerous place - malicious viruses lurk beneath the digital surface, Trojan Horses cling to mail attachments and can cause havoc on unprotected computers. You wouldn't leave your house unlocked these days. So don't leave your computer unprotected.

A good antivirus product is like having your own software security guard, one who's on duty 24/7, doesn't take smoke breaks, and is keen to take down viruses on sight.

The good news is: you don't have to to spend a lot of money to lock down your PC - a product like McAfee Antivirus Plus typically costs £50. As its name suggests, avast! Free Antivirus costs nothing to download and the benefits that it provides quickly make it invaluable. In fact, it's one of the most popular security tools around with thousands of satisfied (and well-protected) users.

Trust avast!

Not only is avast! Free Antivirus easy to install, it comes with a simple, uncluttered interface that is the very definition of user-friendly. One quick system scan later and this security software will identify any obvious threats on your PC, checking against it's regularly updated database of viruses, spyware, and rootkits.

This antivirus software doesn't hog lots of processing power either, so you can still get things done when a scan is running - unlike some other products we could mention.

If you haven't got adequate virus protection, or you are unhappy with or annoyed by your current solution, you've got nothing to lose by trying avast! and everything to gain.

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Download avast! Free Antivirus

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