OS X 10.10 tipped to be the star of WWDC 2014

OS X 10.10
Maverick's day in the sun is coming to an end

Last year was the banner year for iOS 7's major redesign and soon at WWDC 2014 we could see a whole new face for Apple's Mac OS X.

9to5Mac reports that version 10.10 of OS X will take the main stage at Apple's yearly developer conference, and it may even overshadow iOS 8. Supposedly Apple is putting so much emphasis on OS X that it's pulling iOS user interface resources to work on the desktop operating system instead.

Apple is purportedly putting OS X through an end-to-end redesign in a similar scope to complete interface refresh iPads and iPhones saw last year with iOS 7.

OS X will reportedly adopt iOS 7's toggle design to clearly define highlighted icons and windows. Rather than applications having rounded window panels, we could see sharper shapes and even more white space to make the operating system look a bit less crowded.

Distinct operating systems

That's not to say OS X 10.10 will simply fall into line with Apple's mobile design aesthetic. Finder, multi-window multi-tasking, Mission Control, and OS X's other desktop elements won't be going away.

Supposedly, Apple is keen on keeping iOS and OS X separate entities.

We could see the new operating system launch this fall with a new line of hardware to go with it, as Apple typically does.Thus far, we've heard rumors of a 12-inch MacBook without any extra designations like "Air" or "Pro" attached.

The last bit of mystery behind version 10.10 is what the OS' final name will be. Internally the new version of OS X has been passed around as "Syrah" and Apple has been picking up new trademarks including "Mammoth" and "Diablo."

Given that Apple named the last version of its desktop operating system after the Mavericks, a famous California surf spot, we wouldn't put it past the Cupertino company to christen version 10.10 "Yosemite."

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