Motorola starts Jelly Bean rollout for Droid Razr M

Razr M
The Razr M is finally getting upgraded to Jelly Bean

Verizon customers in the U.S. awaiting the Android 4.1: Jelly Bean update for their Droid Razr M smartphones can expect to upgrade very soon.

The 98.12.4 update will finally bring Jelly Bean to the Razr M, as well as a host of other major upgrades and overhauls to the existing firmware.

The planned rollout started on Friday, with Verizon planning to release the update to all its customers in phases over the coming days and weeks.

Coming in at a robust 254MB in size, the beefy update will include upgrades for proprietary Verizon apps, as well as Android applications, along with performance-related improvements.

Better camera, better keyboard, better performance

With this update, the Razr M will gain better camera software, which should make its use much easier and quicker.

Verizon has also improved the voice and data connectivity, sped up the GPS signal detection, and improved the performance of the Mobile Hotspot function.

The improved Smart Keyboard will offer "more accurate, more relevant dictionaries," while also providing better text-to-speech functionality.

Verizon also included the VZ Navigator app, a new Remote Diagnostics tool, and strengthened the Razr M's Bluetooth connectivity.

Google Now, Voice Search

The 98.12.4 update also brings with it the additions of Google Now and Voice Search.

Google Now will provide users with updated traffic, weather, scores, and other important updates quickly and frequently throughout a given day.

Voice Search finally gives users the ability to search the web by speaking rather than typing, and will also speak back to users if the Knowledge Graph can provide a precise answer.

Though there are plenty of additions like support for the Isis Mobile Wallet, the new update also strikes features like the Color app from the OS.

While there's no telling how long it will take for Verizon to rollout the update to all Razr M users, the litany of improvements should be well worth the wait.

Via Droid Life, Verizon