Intel: Windows RT falls short of full Windows 8 experience

Intel: Windows RT falls short of full Windows 8 experience
Intel comfortable with competition

Intel believes that Windows RT falls short of the full Windows 8 experience, with a senior executive telling TechRadar that compatibility with old software and peripherals will remain a key issue for the ARM-based version of Microsoft's new operating system.

For the first time, Microsoft has made its Windows OS available on a platform not based on Intel's longstanding x86.

And to rub salt in the wounds, Microsoft has opted to make its own tablet that uses ARM architecture and Windows RT, with the Surface a key new player in the market.

However, speaking to TechRadar, Karen Regis – Intel's director for Ultrabook marketing strategy – explained why the chip giant was comfortable that more people would opt for Windows 8 than Windows RT.

"With Windows 8 you're going to be able to take your whole library of software that you have invested in over the years and port it over to your new system," said Regis.

"You're going to have full functionality and compatibility with your peripherals.

"Microsoft made a claim about 420 million devices worked with RT but I think a lot of those are going to have class drivers only, so your printer might work but will you be able to select the number of copies or two sided printing or print quality?

"With [Windows 8 on x86 machines] you know you are going to be able to."

No ARM in trying

TechRadar asked Regis how she felt about ARM's growing influence, and whether the competition was welcome.

"I don't know if I would say it's welcome competition," she responded, "but we feel pretty good about the fact that you are going to get full PC compatibility and functionality out of our devices.

"There are going to be a lot of Atom devices as well which will offer the same kind of compatibility with applications and you will not have to give up on your library of iTunes content that can come with you .

"There's a lot of goodness that you are going to get on the i8 based systems that we think make it a much better experience for Windows 8 than the competition."

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