Acer announces cloud server and alive store from Acer from Acer

Acer has announced, an 'innovative content sharing platform, and 'alive' a next generation store alongside a host of new tablets.

The announcement of the dual touchscreen Iconia and a range of more traditional tablets somewhat overshadowed the arrival of and alive, but they are significant to the computer giant.

"With, Acer has created an innovative content sharing platform that merges content stored on different devices across the same network around the idea that it is easier and better if this content is simply linked together under one system with a common interface," stated Acer's official release.

"At the same time, Acer also developed 'alive' – its next generation store – from the desire to complete the circle of services and solutions offered by all Acer Group brands by adding content, convergency and continuity to the product mix."

One place to join them all

Acer believes that people's digital content needs one place to live and be easily accessed – although it will be how well it plays with devices from other manufacturers that decides its fate.

"There are no limits to the scalability: any Acer branded device will have embedded, and can instantly join the wireless home network and share stored multimedia," added Acer.

"Take a photo on your smartphone and when you get home, it will be available straight away on your notebook or TV. Edit a video on your PC and you can watch it back on your TV straight away.

"When a friend comes to visit you with his wedding album, immediately detects his notebook and the image library; just select where you want the content appear be played and it's done."

It's alive!


The 'alive' store is a 'collaboration with key partners' and "lets users discover and enjoy a rich variety of digital content."

"Alive provides them with content related to their personal interests, whether it's music, movies, books or games.

"Last but not least, as alive content is managed directly by content providers, it is instantly updated any time there is something new and relevant, allowing users to be constantly up to speed with their interests."

Do we need another web store and cloud server? Depends on how it integrates with our digital lives.

Patrick Goss

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