New preview build of Office for Mac introduces slick transition to PowerPoint

Office for Mac

If you're a keen Office Insider testing out the Mac version of Microsoft's productivity juggernaut, then you'll be pleased to hear that a new preview build of the Office for Mac suite has been released.

Yes, build 15.19 is now out for Apple's desktop computers and boasts a few significant changes which Redmond highlighted.

The most tinkering has been done with PowerPoint, with the presentation module getting a new type of transition, namely the 'Morph'. This allows for the seamless movement of objects across slides, a pretty neat effect. You'll find it on the Transitions tab, of course.

Customisation capers

PowerPoint, as well as Word and Excel, also now benefits from Quick Access Toolbar customisation which allows the user to add any command they use a great deal to said toolbar for the maximum in convenience.

Finally, Outlook has seen a small tweak in that the keyboard shortcut to forward an email has been reinstated (Command-J), a much requested feature apparently.

How do Mac users become an Office Insider? Simply start any of the Office apps, go to the Help menu and select Check for Updates, where you can access AutoUpdate and opt in for preview builds.

As ever with preview versions of software, though, bear in mind that you may run into bugs and inconsistencies.

Where is Microsoft headed with Office in the future? For one thing, it has big plans for the connected car to allow commuters to be able to access Office 365 cloud services on their journey to work (in a safe manner, of course).

Via: Neowin

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