Seizure-inducing The Wolverine trailer hits Vine

The Wolverine
One of the 18 shots in the Wolverine tweaser

You have to love it when marketing teams embrace the latest social media trends.

20th Century Fox is counting down to the release of The Wolverine in July, and planning to release a new trailer online this week. To tease the teaser (a trailer for the trailer, if you will) Fox has posted a 6-second version of the trailer to the newly launched Vine service.

To maximise the amount of information conveyed, the Vine "tweaser" contains 18 shots, by our count, or 3 shots per second. The result is a little bit of everything and a whole lot of nothing. If we had to summarise the clip, it would read, "fighting, yelling, Japan, wincing, yelling, falling, explosion". Which, funnily enough, is also the description of the best night out ever.

If you haven't come across Vine before, it's a new photo-sharing service from Twitter that creates short video clips from still photos and collects them all in an Instagram-like community. It's very iOS-centric at this time, though hopefully Twitter plan to open it up to more platforms soon.

Still, it is attention grabbing, and yes, it has made us aware that there is a trailer to watch this week. Bravo Fox, we feel nauseous, but we'll be sure to watch your movie.

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