Official: Draw Something app to become TV show

Draw Something app to become TV show
The Pictionary-esque game will transcend the smartphone

The hit mobile app of 2012, Draw Something is set to transcend the smartphone and tablet medium and become a fully-fledged television show.

US outlet CBS has won a network bidding war to purchase rights and will now make a pilot episode based on the Pictionary-esque game, which has also been hugely popular on Facebook.

In the show, celebrities will compete against each other with the viewers at home playing for prizes, presumably using their phones and tablets as a second screen to guess drawings.

The game's creator OMGPOP, now owned by Zynga, has been in talks with producers for months and it seems the quiz show format will be now realised if the pilot episode impresses network bosses.

More potential for crossover

Interviewed by the Independent, T3 deputy editor Matt Hill says the announcement represents the impact apps are now having on wider culture.

"This shows how important apps are now – and they're only going to get bigger," he said.

"Angry Birds was always the example used for making a successful transition. I think there will be more television and films coming from apps as they become more and more high profile.

"I think there's a lot of potential for crossover. With a game like Whale Trail, for example, you can imagine that being made as a kids' cartoon because it has created a world and characters."

If all goes well, we can probably expect to see the show hit screens in the early part of 2013. Hopefully with a Noel Edmunds-free UK version too.

Via: Independent

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