Download of the Day: GOM Media Player

GOM Media Player
GOM Media Player

When downloading films, TV shows or music videos from the internet it opens you up to a world of codecs and formats that seem mighty confusing unless you have a program to cover them all like GOM Media Player.

Why you need it

Having trouble finding a media player that can handle every video you are throwing at it? GOM Media Player can make sure that problem no longer plagues your life with a advanced player that does its best to find the codecs to play your videos.

On first look the slick interface will entice you in but in truth there is lot to get excited about than just the exterior. GOM Media Player already support scores different video formats including all the regulars like MPEG, MP4, AVI and WAV, and it has a handy way of adding more. GOM Medi Player's Codec Finder uses the internet to search for the correct codec and then adds it to the program so that you don't have to go off searching for it every time a video of the same format comes up.

Its not just videos downloaded from the internet that it plays as there is also support for DVDs and it's important here to note that subtitles come as part of the package. There are various advanced features that include A-B repeat, screen capture, audio capture, playback speed control, video effects and different ways to change the sound output.

The settings page lets you tinker with literally anything you that exists in the program. This can include anything from being able to set videos to play from the point they were last stopped and setting the colour and size of subtitles to configuring the built-in video on demand feature and uninstalling the program.

GOM Media Player seems impressive all on its own yet there is a small ecosystem surrounding it that makes it even better. This includes the aforementioned codec finder plus a video format converter, freestanding audio player plus a remote that lets you control everything on your PC using a smartphone.

Key features

Works on: Windows 7 and 8.1

Price: Free

Play any video: Even if GOM Media Player can't play a certain video the built-in Codec Finder can use the internet to locate.

Customise your experience: With everything from the size and colour of subtitles to customised skins available as variable this media player is one that can be truly changed to fit your mood.