Samsung Galaxy S21 could look ugly in a case and be unlocked with your voice

Samsung Galaxy S20
The Samsung Galaxy S20 (Image credit: Future)

We’ve already seen leaked renders showing the Samsung Galaxy S21 range, but now we’re seeing what the Galaxy S21 might look like in a case, and we’re not fans.

Renders shared by @UniverseIce (a leaker with a reasonable track record) show what’s presumably either the Samsung Galaxy S21 or Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus in a case, and as you can see, the camera design means there’s an oddly shaped cut-out on the back.

Cases could potentially get around this by making the cut-out bigger, but then they’d be sacrificing protection, so neither option seems ideal.

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Of course, these images may not be genuine, but they line up with what we’ve seen of the Samsung Galaxy S21 so far. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, which based on leaks seems to house all its lenses in a larger camera block, likely won’t have this problem.

Other than the awkward camera, these latest images show off the all-screen design on the front, with a punch-hole selfie camera, which again is in line with what we’ve seen before.

Bixby unlock

In other Samsung Galaxy S21 news, SamMobile reports that according to its sources Samsung will allow you to use your voice to unlock the phone. This will apparently be powered by Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant, but there aren’t any details on how it will work.

The two likely options are either a spoken password, which would be fine when you’re alone but comically unsecure in public, or the device simply recognizing your voice, which would work in public but sounds like it would probably be less secure than a fingerprint or even face unlock.

We’re also not sure how useful being able to unlock your phone with your voice would even be. While there are occasions when you would want to unlock and use it hands free, we’d think the majority of the time other unlock methods would be preferable.

We should find out exactly what Samsung is cooking up before too long though, as reports suggest the Samsung Galaxy S21 range could land as soon as January.

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