Samsung Access offers a new Galaxy S20 with 1TB free Microsoft 365 storage

Samsung Galaxy S20
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Samsung has launched its Samsung Access (opens in new tab) subscription service in the US which gives users access to its latest flagship smartphones, Microsoft 365, cloud storage and more.

While the company's Samsung Upgrade Program allows customers to upgrade to the latest Galaxy every year, Samsung Access gives users far more extras for an added fee.

In addition to being able to upgrade or cancel at anytime, Samsung Access also includes Samsung Premium Care, 1TB of OneDrive (opens in new tab) cloud storage and a Microsoft 365 Personal subscription that works on up to five devices for around $40 per month depending on which Galaxy S20 model you choose. This is a great deal as Microsoft 365 can cost as much as $99 by itself while 1TB of OneDrive storage usually costs $9.99 per month.

The inclusion of Samsung Premium Care, which costs $11.99 to $19.99 per month depending on your device, means you'll get 24/7 setup assistance and remote technical support in case you run into any problems at all using your new Galaxy S20.

Samsung Access

Samsung Access is currently available for customers buying a new Galaxy S20 (opens in new tab), Galaxy S20+ (opens in new tab) or Galaxy S20 Ultra (opens in new tab) in the US. It is also worth noting that you can choose from any color and memory configuration and still be eligible for the program.

Samsung Access is priced at $37 per month for the Galaxy S20, $42 per month for the Galaxy S20+ and $48 per month for the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Users will be able to cancel at anytime but they will lose access to Microsoft 365, OneDrive and their other benefits if they do.

However, there is a catch. Samsung Access subscribers will have to commit to a minimum three-month membership or they will be charged a one-time $100 fee if they decide to leave before the three months are up.

If you find yourself upgrading your smartphone often, are worried about damaging your device or need additional support, Samsung Access could be a great option and you also get access to Microsoft 365 and OneDrive as well.

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