Ryzen 3000-Series CPUs may support even faster memory at 5,000MHz

Ryzen 3000
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AMD's Ryzen processors (CPUs) have always liked extra fast memory (RAM), and it looks like that may continue to be the case with Ryzen 3000-Series processors as well. The upcoming CPUs will support up to DDR4-5000, according to a leak from @1usmus on Twitter

The leak comes from Yuri Bubly, a developer and AMD partner who has created a DRAM calculator specifically for Ryzen processors. This suggests the new generation of processors will be just as hungry for extra-fast RAM as previous generations.

A speedy, powerful future for Ryzen

This is just one more leak pointing to an extra high-performance future for Ryzen processors when they launch with AMD's new Zen 2 architecture. On top of the boosts they'll get from the move to a 7-nanometer process, the new Ryzen processors are now expected to come out with some serious core counts as well.

Another recent leak had suggested a 16-core Ryzen 3000-series processor is coming out, likely at the top of the lineup. A 12-core model is also expected to come alongside it.

That leak was of an engineering sample that may not have had the clock speeds the retail versions will have. Two 3000-Series Ryzen 9 processors have been suggested with 16 cores and a max speed of 5.1GHz on the highest-end version.

Now, combining 16-core Ryzen processors at 4.3GHz (5.1GHz boost) with even faster RAM than was available to previous generations just means Ryzen will have that much more to offer for users looking to get the most out of their computers' processing power.

The highest-end Ryzen CPU is sure to come at a premium, and DDR4-5000 will undoubtedly be pricey as well (if even available as a stock speed without overclocking). And, there's the price of a new motherboard to factor in as well.

But, all this points to an even faster future for AMD, and may put even more pressure on Intel to move on from Coffee Lake.

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