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PUBG Mobile developer could be working on a new sci-fi shooter codenamed 'Vertical'

PUBG Mobile Season 17
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The developers and creators of PUBG Mobile, Krafton,  have announced new projects like PUBG: New State, and now leaks suggest that another project could be in the works. 

This new project is apparently a sci-fi shooter game which is not a battle royale according to the leaks from PlayerIGN. This new game is said to  be codenamed 'Vertical', and is under development and will take two to three more years to be completed.

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PlayerIGN has uploaded screenshots that reveal key job positions created within the company to work on this project. The tipster suggests that this could be the PUBG2 that was being talked about, but not a battle royale. 

The game is reportedly being built on Unreal Engine 4, and there are currently 14 job listings for developer positions in the game. These include Background Concept Artist, Video Editing Artist, Character Concept Artist, Lighting Artist, etc. There are also openings in the development and technical teams. 

With the announcement of PUBG: New State, the developers seem to be looking at sci-fi with interest. Elements in that game have been set in the future in the year 2053. And players seem to have options including a bionic arm, futuristic vehicles, like a bike as well as a chopper in the game and the buses on the roads seem to levitate and work on their own.

While most of the guns that we see in PUBG New State have been part of the game already, there are a few weapons that seem new. These might be futuristic weapons that will be available through crate drops. Players seem to be able to control drones and even get drops from drones. 

The other game PUBG Mobile developers Light speed Quantum Studios recently announced is called 'Undawn'. This is a new zombie game that has been published by the same company that published the popular battle royale game Free Fire, which is Garena.

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