Two Android Wear apps briefly hit Google Play

Android Wear

Android Wear may only just have been announced but two apps built for the platform briefly made their way to Google Play.

They're not terribly exciting, there was a calculator app called 'Wear Calc' and a compass named 'Wear Compass', which is almost entirely pointless as Android Wear devices come with a built in compass anyway.

However both apps have already been pulled so unfortunately you can't try them out even if you're lucky enough to already have an Android Wear watch.

App overload

Their brief moment in the sun is worth noting though as it goes to show that developers are already busy beavering away at Android Wear apps, so hopefully they and many other more exciting apps will be available soon.

Of course you can already interact with many smartphone apps through Android Wear devices, but these are apps that are built specifically for Android Wear and don't require an Android phone to function.

We've already heard about other more interesting apps from the likes of PayPal and Pinterest so with any luck Android Wear will quickly find itself home to a rich selection of apps, the first of which are likely to start appearing properly in the coming days, as the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live go on sale.

  • Good news stock Android fans, Android Wear's UI is locked down.