PlayStation Plus Collection is closing and its taking one of the best games with it

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It’s that time of the month again; as we prepare to roll into yet another month, PlayStation Plus begins to cycle out old games and bring in some fresh faces. 

Usually, PlayStation Plus cycles out just a few smaller titles each month; however, May seems to be a little different. Instead of just a couple of indie games leaving our screens, Sony’s removing a whopping 50 games: 31 from Extra and Premium tiers and 19 titles from the PlayStation Plus Collection offer, which is, unfortunately, closing down permanently. 

The big titles leaving us include Marvel’s Spider-Man, Resident Evil, and NBA 2K Playgrounds 2. While it’s sad to see these great games going, it’s even more tragic that the PlayStation Plus Collection is dying, but rest assured, you can still download the games before May 9. 

Some of these downloadable titles include, but are not limited to, Bloodborne, Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, Until Dawn, Detroit: Become Human, and finally, inFamous: Second Son. While you can rest assured that some of these are available in the Extra and Premium tiers, nothing lasts forever, so downloading them may be a good safety blanket. 

Not my son  

best superhero games: Delsin Rowe producing some fire in his palm

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While reading the list of games that won’t make it out of May 2023, I was surprised to see inFamous Second Son among them. I hadn’t played this game in almost a decade, but it immediately stood out as one of the titles I’d miss the most. 

I’m not embarrassed to say that after finding this out, I scuttled over to my PS5 to download this fantastic action-adventure title for my own comfort of mind. And while you may not need to do the same, I think this game is worth holding on to. 

InFamous Second Son was one of the first times I saw the potential for a crime-fighting comicbook-esque game. I loved every second of fighting through the streets of Seattle, masquerading as supposed bio-terrorist Delsin Rowe. 

The fighting mechanics were smooth, smart, and seriously cool. Pair this with a likeable main character and a surprisingly meaningful and emotional story, and I was hooked from the get-go. The multiple endings and Karma system also meant that I could replay it to my little heart's content; needless to say, inFamos Second Son raised the bar for action-adventure games from this point forward. 

Walked so they could run  

infamous second son

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It wasn’t until I saw inFamos Second Son and Marvel’s Spider-Man that I realized how similar these two action-adventure games are. While the protagonists are decidedly different, traversing their chosen city with the help of their quirky bio-powers gives off an air of familiarity. 

While I can’t dismiss the loveable do-gooder that is Peter Parker, I can say that finally having a protagonist who approached his new-found powers in a relatable way was 100 times more enjoyable than all that “with great power” shtick. 

Living the extraordinary and action-packed life of Delsin Rowe was incredible from start to finish. While I’m excited to see Peter return in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, I can’t help but wish that I had one more chance to Smoke Dash across Seattle one more time. 

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