Play PS5 games one-handed with custom controller adapter

PS5 DualSense controller one-handed adapter
(Image credit: PrusaPrinters)

YouTuber Akaki Kuumeri has put together a special contraption for the PS5 DualSense controller which lets you play games with only one hand.

While Kuumeri originally put it together so that he could play co-op game It Takes Two by himself, he has made it freely available online by uploading it to PrusaPrinters. So, anyone with a 3D printer can make it themselves.

He shared a video to not only demonstrate how his creation works, but also how to build it. He adds that the design is symmetrical so, if you're left-handed, you'll need to mirror the pieces before you print them.

How does it work?

The design looks rather complex and bulky, but it's relatively simple to use. As Kuumeri explains in the video, there is a rubber shoe on the backside of the controller so you may rest it on your lap, leg, or table. The shoe is attached to a grip that you fit around either the left or right analogue stick depending on your dominant hand, allowing you to operate it by tilting the controller.

An extra set of buttons are added to fill in for the shoulder buttons, essentially making it so the L1, L2, R1, and R2 buttons are all next to each other. Kuumeri shows how to press two of them with one finger, too – so reloading a gun with L2 and firing with R2 shouldn't be an issue.

There is a separate attachment that you can snap to the front of the controller, which lets you press the directional buttons or face buttons with levers that reach over to the other side.

Kuumeri has created something that could make PS5 games more accessible for disabled players, and it's well worth having a look at. Since Sony lacks any sort of official equivalent to Microsoft's adaptive controller for Xbox and PC, this looks like a viable option.

Michael Beckwith

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