Cybercrims will 'find new ways to make money'

McAfee's Jeff Green: "The constant struggle between security personnel and malware authors is an arms race"

Despite the crackdown on internet threats, cybercriminals will find new ways to make cash. That's according to a report from security expert McAfee .

The bi-annual Global Threat Report says it's logical that cybercrime follows money and that the threat will move from the PC into other areas, such as VoIP, instant messaging and radio frequency identifications (RFID) as they become even more mass market orientated.

Likewise, McAfee thinks spyware will spread into other areas and that the author's are always miles ahead of those working to protect PCs. "New spyware technology often far surpasses the best planning of even the most diligent engineers, opening new fronts of attacks. Spyware will follow us into new technologies, such as Bluetooth and RFID."

Jeff Green of McAfee Avert Labs said: "The constant struggle between security personnel and malware authors is an arms race - no matter how quickly security professionals design new safeguards, the bad guys seem to make similar advances."

The report says Vista's security improvements aren't far-reaching enough, either. "While Microsoft has taken steps to make the base of Microsoft Windows Vista more secure, the improvements both weaken third-party efforts to secure systems and don't go far enough to do the job alone."

McAfee expects little increase in "the percentage of spam volume over the next two years", but says spam volume will increase along with bandwidth. The report also warns over the proliferation of image-based spam.


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