Yahoo app search engine launches in UK

Yahoo app search engine launches in UK
Search for apps - like you couldn't do that before

Yahoo has announced that its App Search service, a search engine dedicated to iOS and Android apps, has come to the UK offering users a one-stop application shop.

Initially launched back in December in the US, the app search engine uses Yahoo search to scour the Android Market and iTunes to find the apps you want – given that there are around 500,000 apps filling up both stores that's a lot of apps.

Application process

Once you have found the app, Yahoo will then direct you to the Android Market or iTunes for you to download the thing. Well it will once you have given the search engine your mobile number, or scanned the QR code on the screen.

Some will be thinking that this is just an extra, rather annoying process to finding the apps you want but Yahoo is hoping that its new search engine will make sense of the mountain off apps available.

"Only Yahoo App Search has both the search technology and is device agnostic so can offer users a choice of both Android and iPhone," explained James Gammon, Yahoo search product marketing manager.

"Yahoo App Search not only makes it easy to find and download apps that you are looking for but also discover new apps".

The search engine is live now, so head over to and get searching.

Marc Chacksfield

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