Sony could be killing all its phone brands except the Xperia X

Xperia X

For a while now it's been unclear whether we'd see the Sony Xperia Z6 or whether the Sony Xperia X range would take its place, but now it seems that not only could the Z range be dead (or at least taking a break), but that all Sony's other smartphone ranges except the new 'X' could be as well.

At least that's what certain Asian media outlets, such as ePrice, as spotted by XperiaBlog, are saying, backing the claims up with slides from what appears to be a Sony Mobile presentation, suggesting that between 2016-2018 the company will focus exclusively on the Sony Xperia X brand.

That would be a huge change for the company, but one which could make a certain amount of sense. Sony has been struggling in the mobile market and uniting all its brands under one banner, while presumably also releasing fewer phones, could help its handsets stand out.

Xperia X slide

Fewer phones or just fewer names?

What's less clear is whether that means no more phones that would have fallen under the Xperia C, M and E names or just a new letter attached to them.

The first few Sony Xperia X phones show a focus on both the high and mid-range, but even the Xperia XA couldn't be considered low end, so it's possible that Sony will stop making budget phones. Flagships should be in no trouble though, as the Sony Xperia X Performance is almost the Xperia Z6 in all but name.

We'd definitely take this rumor with a pinch of salt, as it would be a big move and a slide is hardly conclusive proof of anything, but it's possible.

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