SMS SOS: BlackBerry 10 users reporting message issues after latest update

BlackBerry 10 BBM
BlackBerry magic makes messages disappear

As if BlackBerry hasn't had a difficult enough time re-establishing itself in the Android/iOS dominated market, the latest BlackBerry 10 update has certainly caused a few more brows to furrow.

According to N4BB, a maintenance release for BlackBerry 10.1 has stymied the messaging attempts of a decent portion of the BB10 userbase.

Users have reported an inability to use messaging, while others claimed the update has erased their message history, leaving them unable to see what people said in the past, or are even texting them today.

While it's not uncommon for OS updates to cause issues for some users regardless of the device, accidentally removing functionality like the ability to send SMS texts is an bad omen for the re-emerging BlackBerry.

Missed messages

Since launching its new line of phones and the BB10 OS, BlackBerry has struggled to gain the marketshare it lost to the likes of Android, iOS and, yes, Windows Phone 8.

It's put the Z10 and Q10 up against the likes of the the Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5, but BlackBerry hasn't gained much ground (if any) these past few months.

Now, even if only a minority of BB10 users are feeling the effects of the message-eating update, the company is making life difficult for those who adopted the fledgling OS.

The update hasn't yet hit U.S. consumers (it's due later this summer), but others around the globe in places like Canada, Europe and some Asian markets are feeling the burn.

BlackBerry is looking into the issue, but these types of growing pains won't win the company any favors from those thinking about making a switch any time soon.