Skype 'is not developing software' for Windows Phone 7

Skype VP says no plans to bring the VoIP service to Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 platform

Leading VoIP provider Skype is not planning on developing its internet telephony software for Microsoft's forthcoming Windows Phone 7 platform, according to the company's Vice President.

Skype VP Dan Neary, the company's Vice President for the Asia Pacific region, has said this week that it's "not developing software for the new Windows Mobile software due later this year."

No VoIP love for Win Phone 7?

The Skype man has not elucidated on why this decision has been made. But it is quite a blow for Microsoft, with Skype providing its VoIP app to most other smartphone platforms.

Instead, Neary stressed that Skype was developing new offerings for the iPhone, iPad and Android based phones.

If Skype doesn't appear on Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 then it is a major competitive disadvantage.

However, this is not to say things might change in the future, as this is not an 'official' announcement that Skype is not going to support Microsoft's new mobile platform – more that is doesn't have any current plans to do so.

Via Smarthouse