RIM: BlackBerry 10 is 'a revolutionary mobile computing engine'

BlackBerry 10 is 'a revolutionary mobile computing engine'
BlackBerry 10 is coming, but can it save RIM?

Research in Motion (RIM) CEO Thorsten Heins took to the stage at BlackBerry World 2012 and revealed more on the firm's upcoming operating system.

BlackBerry 10 is the next operating system for RIM, set to launch later this year, and the company will be hoping it will signal an upturn in fortunes for its mobile devices.

Heins said "BlackBerry 10 is not just a smartphone platform, it's a revolutionary mobile computing engine."

Do the things that really matter to you

During his keynote speech at BlackBerry World 2012 in Orlando, Heins revealed that BB10 is "agile and nimble" and highlighted that time is precious, especially when consumers are mobile.

Heins went on to say that BlackBerry 10 "lets you do the things that really matter to you", without the user having to worry about which application they may be in.

We saw some new features in BB10 including an adaptive keyboard which will tailor itself to a user's writing style – allowing for faster and more accurate text input - and a series of swiping gestures in the user interface allowing users to quickly see other screens and notifications, while still working on their current task.

Applications run in real time in the background, which keeps users constantly connected and new technology in the camera app lets you capture the perfect picture.

We spent some time with the BlackBerry 10 Alpha handset which shows off some of the features of the new operating system. Check out our hands on BlackBerry 10 Alpha phone review for more details.

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