Qualcomm-powered LG Optimus G pops up in commercial

LG Optimus G
Optimus G finds itself in Korean commercial

With a rumored launch of a LG super phone just around the corner, the quad-core device popped up in a South Korean commercial Friday.

The video (below) doesn't give away a whole lot in terms of specs, but it's nice to see the 4.7-inch beast does fit in users' hands with relative ease.

The viewing quality is LG's primary focus here, showing off the clarity and capturing capabilities the Optimus G is sure to have.

While we can't read Korean, we do see the number "4," presumably a reference to the 4G LTE capability coming in the device.

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All the power

This is a fairly benign video compared to the thunderous invite LG and Qualcomm, makers of the Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU powering the handset, sent out for next Wednesday's event.

Of course, we won't have confirmation that the G's making its debut at the New York event until it either does or doesn't, though we have a pretty good idea that's what we'll see.

September has been a particularly active month on the handset front, with Apple's iPhone 5 debuting last Wednesday and Nokia and Motorola launching new phones as well. Not to be left out, HTC has an event schedule for Sept. 19 as well.

TechRadar will be on hand at the Sept. 19 event, where will provide the latest news and a hands on review immediately following the announcement.

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