3G 16GB iPhone to launch mid-November

A leaked ad from T-Mobile Germany shows the various deals available for the Apple iPhone

We still haven't had the official word from Apple on when the iPhone will make its debut on European soil, which means that rumours are still flying wild and untamed on the web.

This time, they're again pointing to T-Mobile Germany as the German operator most likely to get the Apple iPhone contract.

A leaked iPhone ad states that the device will be available as of 12 November. The ad indicates that the iPhone will feature UMTS/HSDPA 3G connectivity and, like the top-of-the-line iPod touch, will boast 16GB of storage.

If the specifications on the leaked ad - originally published by MacBidouille - turn out to be accurate, you'll be able to download data at 3.6Mbps speeds on the 3G Apple iPhone. The price is set at 499 euros (£339) and three different options are available, all with unlimited data plans, according to Electronista.

Three plans

The "L" plan will offer 200 wireless minutes and 100 SMS text messages for 50 euros (£34). "XL" will get you 300 minutes and 150 text messages for 60 euros (£41). And "XXL" offers 400 minutes and 200 texts for 70 euros (£48).

T-Mobile has previously been confirmed as the likely operator to get the Apple iPhone deal in Germany, which does give weight to these latest rumours, as does the previously-leaked Apple iPhone page on its website. Alongside T-Mobile in Germany, O2 is widely tipped to get the Apple iPhone contract in the UK, while Orange is likely to be the exclusive French operator.

Time is getting tight for Apple to announce who'll be getting the Apple iPhone deal in Europe, considering it's set to go on sale in time for Christmas. Our bets are on an announcement coming at the Apple Expo in Paris at the end of the month.