Microsoft's Android-powered Lumia may give us the best of both worlds

Nokia X
This could be the start of a beautiful relationship

Updated: It sounds like Microsoft isn't being too coy about its rumoured Android Lumia device. We're hearing that VP of Microsoft's Devices Group Stephen Elop has been chatting to people about the phone quite publicly.

Not only that, but TK Tech News (a pretty solid source) says Elop has even been seen in public with a "strange looking device" which is said to be the Android Lumia - and currently goes by the name of "Project Green".

Original story below...

Microsoft's already dabbled in Android with the Nokia X, but the relationship may be about to get more serious with rumours of an Android-powered Nokia Lumia phone beginning to swirl.

It seems that the X was to mark the start of something much bigger, if word from @evleaks is to be believed. The tipster posted: "Big news: Android-powered Lumia incoming, from Nokia by Microsoft."

Though recently caught out by a hoax claiming the existence of a OnePlus Tab, @evleaks has a pretty bang-on track record, so we're inclined to pay attention.

X-citing prospect

We also quite liked the budget Nokia X. While it placed Android at the centre, the handset had the unmistakable colourful design of a Windows Phone. All in all, it took the best aspects of both worlds.

An Android Lumia will hopefully do the same, giving us a taste of a more premium Google-Microsoft phone.

Meanwhile, a Nokia Lumia 830 render has seemingly surfaced, showing off a 13MP camera Pureview camera.

What's also interesting is the "Nokia by Microsoft" logo, hinting at how Redmond plans to transition to a Microsoft brand name for its phones.

But as this is just a render there's no guarantee as to what it is. Could it even be the rumoured Android-based Lumia? Who's to say...

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