Lenovo Vibe X's 5MP front camera makes it perfect for taking selfies

Lenovo Vibe X is perfect for selfies with a 5MP front-facing camera
Tita's got it, I tell ya Rita's got it, oh Lenovo's got it, and Kim's got it, yeah

Lenovo's bringing all the vibes all the time with a new smartphone that is very, um, Lenovo despite its 'youthful' product name, Lenovo Vibe X.

Let's be fair, it's quite slim ("as thin as a pencil!" claims Lenovo) and it weighs 121g ("five AA batteries!") which is a fair bit lighter than, say, the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Its cameras vibe hard, with the front-facing camera rocking a 5MP sensor - the same as some handsets' main snappers - while the back-mounted one comes in at 13MP.

Lenovo's press release genuinely says that the front-facing camera with its wide-angle lens "effortlessly captures high-quality self-portraits". Hashtag selfie.


Other features of note include the Android 4.2 operating system, quad-core 1.5GHz MTK 6589T processor, 2GB of RAM and 16GB internal storage.

But really mainly the selfie thing.

Unfortunately, it's only launching in China and seems unlikely to make it to the US, Europe or Australia. Sorry hipsters.

Also announced today are a slim new full HD tablet in the form of the Lenovo S5000 and an update to the Lenovo K900 smartphone - mainly new colours (orange!) and storage options (16GB! 32GB!).

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