HTC One with microSD slot destined for UK

HTC One with microSD slot destined for UK
Oh, no, it's broken! Wait...

The five star HTC One may be about to get even better as word that the dual-SIM version is heading to our shores, complete with microSD slot.

We didn't find much wrong with the HTC One when we reviewed it, but one of the minor points against the handset was the lack of expandable storage - but that's about to be rectified.

The dual-SIM HTC One has been available in Asia since the handsets launch, but only now has the Taiwanese firm made the decision to roll it out to other countries.

However, that additional functionality will come at a price - the back cover will be removable, which has the effect of making the phone feel less well-packaged, as we saw on the supersized One Max.

Update: We've got some bad news. The new dual SIM One isn't 4G enabled, and only one of the slots can carry a 3G card - it's all 2G for the other, we're afraid, so it's calls and texts and snail-paced internet browsing only.

Why, exactly?

The dual SIM offering is an interesting - HTC reckons there's a large amount of users who are carrying two phones for international reasons, or just want to have a work and home phone.

Here's the weirdly good news: there will be very little price difference between the two models, with the HTC One dual SIM coming for the same price as the original HTC One, according to HTC's official store.

It will also be coming to the high street as well as be available through online retailers in the new feature, as HTC is touting that fact it's talking to a number of outlets at the moment.

In terms of the HTC One dual SIM release date, we're a little in the dark. The model launched in China quite soon after the announcement of the original One, so it's not a case of getting production up and running.

Here's hoping that HTC has opened its eyes and realised there's still a huge appetite for expandable storage on phones - will the HTC One Two follow suit?

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