HTC One (M8) release date: where can I get it?

HTC One M8 release date and price: where can I get it?
Will we love the M8 as much as we love its predecessor?

The HTC spring has been leaking like nobody's business these past few months, with just about every feature of the new HTC One (M8) phone seemingly making its way onto the web.

But now it's here, and you'll want to know who's stocking the device and how much it's going to cost.

As you might expect, just about everyone is offering the phone, so we've rounded up a list of all the retailers stocking the M8 so you can see which deal is best for you.

Carphone Warehouse

Carphone got out ahead of HTC and confirmed the name of the new flagship as the HTC One (M8) a few days before launch - and had the phone available in stores on the day of the official announcement.

You can go pick up a handset in one of the stores or head over to the website. Carphone is offering the phone £38 per month (for 24 months) with a £49 up front cost. Or, if you prefer, £529.95 SIM-free.

Phones 4 U

Phones 4 U is selling the M8 at all of its stores starting March 27, and you can go check out the available deals over on its site.

Phones 4 U is offering the One on 4G for £42 a month and no handset cost. Grey and silver handsets are available, while the gold version will be available in 3-4 weeks.

All contracts come with a free Boombass speaker, case and £25 to spend on Google Play. Or if you want it SIM-free, you'll be able to pick it up for £529.95.


As of March 27, all Vodafone stores are now stocking the M8. The phone is available for free on £42 a month Red 3G plans.

Even better news: the first 3000 customers to snap up a HTC One M8 with Vodafone will also get themselves a HTC Boombass. Head over to Vodafone's site to check it out.


If you're looking to go with EE, you can pick up the M8 on a range of 4G plans right now, either via EE's site or one of its high street stores.

For a £37.99 a month contract (24 months) you'll pay an upfront cost of £19.99 for the handset and get 2GB of data.

And any customer who buys the HTC One (M8) on a £37.99 per month EE Extra Plan before April 10 will get double data, pushing the monthly limit up to 4GB for the entirety of the contract.


Three is, of course, also getting in on the action – the M8 is now available to buy from Three's stores and website starting today.

With an upfront cost of £49 you'll have a choice of four different 24 month price plans, starting at £38 a month for 600 minutes and 2GB of data, moving up to £44 a month for all-you-can eat minutes and data.

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