One 2 design leaked again - is it enough to save HTC?

HTC M8 may not be as beautiful as we thought
So much for edge to edge

Leaked images seem to be the current trend when it comes to the HTC M8 and today has turned out to be no different.

Fitting in with previous leaks, the new front face of the HTC One 2 seems to be pretty legit, and once again proves that the One 2 will be more evolutionary for the Taiwanese brand, rather than completely reinventing its design once more.

But until the M8 is launched only HTC truly knows what is going on and things are always open to change. We are also dealing with an image obtained by @htcfamily_ru, a tipster we aren't overly familiar with.

HTC M8 may not be as beautiful as we thought

(Credit: @htcfamily_ru)

Pretty as a (photoshopped?) picture

Doubts creep in as this tipster has previously leaked images of a dual flash and dual sensor, work that was deemed photoshop trickery by one of HTC's Regional Directors Mark Moons.

If this is the real deal it seems we are looking at a device that comes with beauty levels more akin to Sylvester Stallone than Helen of Troy. That pretty hefty bezel at the base leaves more than a taste of disappointment, but is expected as HTC keeps its plans of using BoomSound as a selling point alive.

That disappointment may materialise as Phone Arena points out today's image shows the M8 with Taiwanese lettering (one guess as to where HTC is based) suggesting this is likely legit and that small bar next to the camera is has also popped up a few times.

So is this the real deal? And just what is that strange little bar? Let us know your thoughts below.