HTC aiming to be first with 3D Android phone

Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer HTC is aiming to be the first to market with an Android smartphone featuring a full 3D screen.

Great news indeed for anybody that has ever wanted to watch Avatar on the train home.

HTC aiming to be first to market with a 3d android phone

HTC aiming to be first to market with a 3d android phone

HTC has been making something of a splash in the Android market of late with phones such as the Desire, with the latest developments in 3D screens looking to be the next major tech objective for the mobile manufacturer.

HTC was actually demonstrating 3D mobiles at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona back in February of this year, although those tech demos were mainly being used to show off the latest capabilities of its smartphone chips, not to showcase finalised handsets.

Yet now, as we rapidly approach MWC 2011 next February, HTC is making noises about its desire to move into (and lead) the 3D mobile phone market.

HTC insiders claim that we might see a 3D Android superphone before the end of 2011.

The company is also looking closely at the latest developments in e-ink and AMOLED display tech, all of which will reportedly be a key focus for HTC's new R&D center in North Carolina's Research Triangle Park.

HTC has recently been advertising for a 'display and camera design engineer', that has "familiary with 3D display and imaging technologies" and with "multiple display technologies (TFT-LCD, PMOLED, AMOLED, E-ink, etc)."

Other companies already looking to develop 3D Android devices include Sharp, Motorola and Acer.


Adam Hartley