Dropbox, Samsung announce deeper ties for Android partnership

Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung announces even deeper Dropbox integration with its Android devices

Samsung has already integrated Dropbox into its recent products such as the Galaxy S3 smartphone and

Galaxy Camera

, but the two companies promise to offer even more in the near future.

Softpedia reported Tuesday that Samsung and Dropbox have announced plans to build upon their existing partnership, which integrates the popular cloud storage service into the Korean manufacturer's Android-based devices.

Officially announced in August 2012, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 became the first device to integrate Dropbox directly into the photo and video gallery for automatic uploading of new images or movies.

Apparently the alliance was a success, as the two companies now plan to extend the partnership even further to old and new devices alike.

Common goal

In addition to extending Dropbox integration to more current devices, Samsung plans to add document storage and additional sharing options to upcoming devices.

"Dropbox and Samsung share a common goal when it comes to connectivity across devices," said Lars Fjeldsoe-Nielsen, head of Mobile Business Development at Dropbox.

"We believe that the things that matter most to people should be accessible at all times. Extending our successful relationship with Samsung from mobile phones to cameras gives users more opportunities to access and share photos, videos and documents, regardless of what device they are on."

The companies have yet to announce which devices have been earmarked for deeper Dropbox integration, or when such products will begin shipping to carriers.

Via Softpedia