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BlackBerry Priv release date: Where can I get the Android phone?

BlackBerry Priv

While pre-orders for the BlackBerry Priv began almost two weeks ago, a release date for the first Android-powered BlackBerry handset had yet to be announced.

Thankfully, we finally have a date for when you can get your hands on the Priv - starting November 6 - as well as where you can get it from, other than from BlackBerry itself, where pre-orders have pegged the price at $699 unlocked.

While it won't be so widely available to begin with, it should be interesting to see just how popular a physical QWERTY keyboard will be in a time where touchscreen-only phones are the norm, even if the target audience is the enterprise market.


While it was suggested earlier that the Priv will be available on all four major US carriers, AT&T is so far the first and only carrier to announce a release date.

You'll be able to walk into an AT&T store and pick up your very own Priv on November 6 - or, of course, order it online.

While contracts are slowly starting to disappear, AT&T still has a few remaining, and will be offering the BlackBerry Priv on a two-year contract with a price tag of $249.99.

You can you can pick up the BlackBerry Priv on the carrier's Next 12 plan for $37, or for $30.84 on the Next 18 plan.

For Next 24, the price drops down to $24.67. Unfortunately, AT&T hasn't detailed any options for offering the phone outright, so you'll be stuck on either a two year contract or a Next plan if you want to go through AT&T.


T-Mobile has yet to announce any details regarding the BlackBerry Priv release date, but all indications point to the Uncarrier offering the handset.

Expect T-Mobile CEO John Legere to announce something sooner, rather than later, with an expected release date within the next two weeks.


Unfortunately, according to BlackBerry's website, the Priv will not support Sprint, indicating the handset will not be launching on the carrier.

Of course, there's always a chance a BlackBerry Priv model that supports the Sprint network might end up being released later, but we suggest not holding your breath.


Like with Sprint, BlackBerry's pre-order website for the Priv also lists Verizon as a carrier that the handset is not compatible with, so a release doesn't seem likely for Verizon.

However, there might still be hope, as a mysterious user took a photo of a BlackBerry Priv using Verizon's network, according to Phandroid, though the picture seems to have been taken down.

We'll be checking in with the carries and updating this page as news comes of more availability.