BlackBerry patent filing shines a light on potential Torch-style BB10 handset

BlackBerry patent filing shines a light on potential Torch style BB10 handset

BlackBerry may be planning to launch a sliding BB10 handset akin to now defunct Torch range, judging by a patent filing unveiled this week.

The filing shows a handset that appears to be a cross between the all-touchscreen BlackBerry Z10 device and the sliding BlackBerry Torch handset which combined a touchscreen and a QWERTY keyboard.

The Canadian smartphone giant filed for the patent back in December 2011, but have finally had it approved, Engadget reports.

So far BlackBerry is experimenting with just two form factors for its all-important BB10 handsets, the Z10 and the Bold-alike BlackBerry Q10 device, due to go on sale this spring.

BlackBerry Live launch?

The company's annual showcase BlackBerry Live (formerly BlackBerry World) is up next month so it's certainly a possibility that we may see this third form factor break cover at the event.

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