BlackBerry Kopi looks lovely in these newly leaked shots

BlackBerry Kopi
QWERTY for keyboard lovers

At this rate, BlackBerry's budget Kopi handset is quickly feeling like a handset we might actually see hit the market.

The Kopi reemerged last month, and now a new set of images of the device have surfaced on Techrum, a Vietnamese tech site, giving us a closer look at the phone from every angle.

Along with getting a clearer look at the device, the site highlighted some specs, including the device's 3.2-inch display. As we've previously noted, the phone is rumored to have a faster Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8960 processor than the BlackBerry Q5, but no support for 4G LTE.

Meanwhile, tucked underneath Kopi's back cover is a 2,100mAh removable battery. On the exterior, there's an HDMI port for connecting the phone to an external display as well as a microUSB port.

Keep on keeping

Last December it seemed like BlackBerry was all set to forget about Kopi after the company struck it and another handset named the Café from its future releases.

But even with this low-cost device reappearing, it was always destined for emerging markets, meaning if it ever does release, it's doubtful whether anyone in the US, Europe or Australia would be able to buy it.

According to an earlier report, the phone was "still making its way to BlackBerry partners." So for now the BlackBerry Kopi is still going through a testing phase before its full release later this year.

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