Allo and Duo could be teaming up in the near future

Allo and Duo
Allo and Duo, best buddies.

Have you downloaded Duo and Allo yet? Google's most recent apps are designed to take on FaceTime (for video calls) and iMessage (for all your messaging needs) respectively, but there's been a hint that they'll be working more closely together in the future.

"Absolutely" responded Allo co-lead Justin Uberti to a tweet requesting links to Duo for video and audio calls launched in Allo. If anyone knows what's coming down the line for Allo, it should be Uberti.

That's hardly confirmation that closer links between Duo and Allo are imminent, but it definitely looks to be on the cards, so keep your apps updated. Perhaps eventually both apps will merge into one all-powerful communications tool.

Allo in there

One man who won't be taking advantage of Allo's smart replies and sticker packs is famed data leaker Edward Snowden, who says that the app just isn't private enough - all of your chats are logged on Google's servers, where they could potentially be seized by hackers, law enforcement or the government.

Nevertheless, Allo is currently riding high near the top of the app store charts for both Android and iOS, so it seems like a lot of us are at least checking it out.

It's shaping up to be a busy October for Google: there's a press event scheduled for the 4th of the month where we're expecting to see new Pixel phones, the Google Home Echo competitor and possibly a new Wi-Fi router too.

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