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Acer's Android phone coming in September?

Acer planning to launch Android phone?
Acer planning to launch Android phone?

According to the oh-so-eccentric rumour mill, Asian computing firm Acer is will be launching an Android-powered phone in September of this year.

The Philippine Business Mirror has claimed it spoke to Acer and that the company has confirmed the phone is coming this year.

Surprisingly the A1, as it will apparently be called to fit in with the E1, L1, F1 and C1 Win-Mo 6.5 handsets announced last month, will feature a touchscreen and will be among four other phones launched at the same time, which fits in nicely with the roadmap Acer gave us at its recent event.

Needs some salt

The source for the Philippine Business Mirror has declined to be named, so it seems these rumours should be taken with more than a pinch of salt, although Acer did refuse to rule out switching to Android at its recent event.

Add to that Engadget Mobile's 'roadmap' sketched out by a rep in Barcelona last month, and you've got a pretty tasty rumour, although you then have to wonder if the phone will actually be any good... we'll worry about that if it ever surfaces.

The likes of Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson and Motorola have all pledged to join the Android party, although it appears that Samsung's effort, pictured recently at a Dutch trade show, will be the first to emerge from the big hitters.

HTC's Magic will also be available from Vodafone by May too, so Acer will have to get cracking on its phone if it hopes to ride the wave of Android fanaticism that looks like coming to the mobile world.

From Philippine Business Mirror via Engadget